My weekends are either a one day event and recovery or on very rare occasions I do very little all weekend and am able to stay out of bed all weekend. This past weekend was one of the former.

FRIDAY:Peyton’s Birthday was Friday, he was turning 4. Now because it’s after Christmas and money has been tight, we had to wait til pay-day to actually go shopping for his birthday presents. Pay-day was Friday. So on my agenda Friday morning was take Scott with me to Toys R Us, Walmart, and Kmart shopping for presents from 9:30 am to 1pm. Because how long this took I ended up letting Scott skip school. It was just one of those days. After our shopping trip I immediately came home to make birthday cake….from scratch. My cake choice is not only for taste but health reasons as well. Peyton has Celiac disease so a cake mix just will not do. After I get the cake in the oven I take the kids in one of their rooms to entertain them for the next 45 min while Mark is wrapping presents. After he is finally done…..I get a shower. It’s not one of those, relax cause Mark is home to take care of everything so take your time showers, no it was a hurry cause we gotta go shower. We were off to play mini golf and arcade games at Trafalga. I quickly found that mini golf is something I could normally do. They have benches at almost every hole so I can sit down anytime I need and swinging a putter really isn’t that much effort. Friday though…..I had to just put a smile on and get through it. I have gotten very good at hiding my pain and that’s exactly what I did. Peyton was a bit scared at first because they had the lights turned off and it was a black light type course. Scott on the other hand loved it and was a very good golfer. I think he beat us all. Then we played some arcade games. There was no sitting. But luckily our tokens didn’t take long to spend. I felt beat but I knew that the night was only half over. We still had dinner and some family coming over. We left at the wrong time. Dont ya just hate that? Well when you are trying to hide pain the worst thing you can do is stop moving. Sitting in traffic made all my symptoms just rush at me including my newest friend dizzy. Dizzy has been coming around lately and makes my life a living hell just out of the blue. When Dizzy sets up shop inside my head im nauseous, my balance is totally off, I feel like im going to pass out , the room feels like it is spinning and of course I feel dizzy. So by the time I got home all I wanted to do was climb in bed and wait for the world to turn right side up again. Instead I picked up the house a bit, freshened up, frosted a cake and helped get the kids some dinner. By the time our first guests arrived I thought about throwing up at least 20 times and thought about my wonderful bed more than 100. Instead I was nice, a good hostess and Peyton had a great time. The things we do for our kids right? Ah I wouldn’t have it any other way. There was even a rude comment, concerning that, directed my way that i took great offense to, but we will leave that to another discussion. But Friday ended well. My son had turned 4, he loved his cake, his presents and had a  fabulous day. Thats all that matters. Even if the next 3 days were horrible it was worth it.

SATURDAY: I wasnt surprised at all with the migraine that I woke up with on Saturday. 90% of the stuff I did on Friday I shouldn’t have been doing at all. I got up about 10 immediately had to take a pain pill. I was able to eat breakfast and then I couldn’t do it anymore I had to lay back down. Now this may sound silly but sometimes it helps when I lay down to listen to a game in the background. Its like white noise to me. I put on a game real low and then a pillow over my face to block out any light. I woke up and knew I had to get out of bed because I had promised the boys we would take them to see a movie and go to Build A Bear. So by 2 I had already taken 2 pain pills and when we got to the movie I ordered a 44 oz mr. pibb. Caffeine is in almost every single migraine specific headache medication. I can not remember the specifics but something to do with the blood vessels. I have a weak stomach to some medications, for instance I can not take ibuprofen no matter the dose. Same with pill form caffeine, it makes me sick. So sometimes if my pain pills are not working or I don’t want to use one up I will try a soda or something. It does help sometimes and really it is worth a try. Again we had some poor planning on our part with the movie time. Everyone was going to see Megamind at the same time we were. Because of the concession line was so long we ended up getting a seat in the second row. I used to love sitting in the front when I was a kid. I remember we used to rush up to the front row and it was so cool. Now it just hurts. My neck muscles were pulled to the side to get to the part of my skull that needed to be removed and will forever be a little messed up. I have been going to physical therapy to help with some range of motion and strength for my neck. It has helped however, I can not look up for long periods of times like I would have to being row 2 at a movie. But I wasnt going to be the reason we had to leave, so I just dealt with it. It’s probably why I got snappy with Mark after at the mall when he parked far away. I feel bad when I take it out on him but in my mind I just assume he knows how I am feeling at the time. I got another Dizzy spell on the way home from Build A Bear and ended up in bed the rest of the evening watching the Utes beat NM in The Pit. I did get up to eat dinner with the family and spent a little while with Mark after the kids went to bed putting together a puzzle. I get so bored having to be stuck in the bedroom all by myself.

SUNDAY: After pushing myself for 2 days I didn’t even try on Sunday. I didn’t get out of bed, I didn’t get dressed, I just didn’t do anything.  This is my usual Sunday. I feel so horrible by Sunday I don’t feel well enough for anything. Church, family, shower, nothing.

MONDAY: This was an extra long weekend for us. I ended up needing this extra day to get back to normal. Without trying or wanting to I slept in til 11. Mark wanted to play guitar Monday morning but I didn’t know it had to be in the morning so I felt bad when he told me I slept through his guitar time. Maybe next time he will tell me when his guitar time is so I can know when he expects me to be awake. I finally took a shower. I know gross huh? After not taking one since Friday I take one Monday?! Well this is the life of a disabled Mom. Sometimes a shower is the last thing on your mind.  A lot of the time your personal appearance comes last. So what do I do after my shower? Just washing my hair and body was so strenuous that I need to lay down. Without getting dressed, in my towel I climb in bed and take a good hour nap. I had a pair of pants to exchange at Kohls so we decided to drive out to the one in Lehi and do that. We walked around a bit and looked for the pants. They didn’t have the size I needed so it was a waste of a trip and just that little bit of walking around had wiped me out. So back to bed I went until dinner time.

Now you know what my weekends consist of. So when you’re wondering why I’m not ever at Church anymore, or why our yard never gets done. Why it is that I never seem to go out anymore more than once in a while. Its not that I dont want to, or that I dont like you. Its just things have a different priority now and your probably not very high on the list.