Um wow! What a week last week. First off let me apologize for not posting for so long. I have been having some issues with my laptop, which has made it difficult to write. If anyone wants to volunteer to fix it please by all means…. So as most of you know last Wednesday I ended up in the hospital with an enormous migraine. This migraine was no different from others I have experienced the way it felt and duration speaking, what made it different and why it put me in the hospital was no matter what I did (ie Ice, heat, pain pill, caffeine and even rest) nothing made it feel better. Sometime the methods that usually will help relive the pain or at least take an edge off even made it worse. It started the previous Saturday, and by Wednesday it had gotten so bad I broke down and called Dr. Ken my family Doctor to see what he wanted me to do. It was either wait til Thursday to see him or go to the E.R. There was no way I could wait another second. Mark had come home early from work by the time I had spoken with my Doctors office so as soon as he took Scott to school I had him drop me off at the E.R. I honestly thought they would give me something that would take the pain away, make me really tired and I would be able to sleep it off. I was totally mistaken.

Mountain View Hospital is not my family’s first choice, but it is what our insurance accepts and the only other hospital in the area on our plan is in north Orem. Wednesday I was pleasantly surprised though, no wait and overall I would rate the Drs, nurses and staff on this visit very well. They tried a lot of narcotics to get rid of my migraine, none worked. They started with Demerol, intervenously and at moderate dose. When the pain didnt subside the E.R. Doctor decided to get a little more aggressive with the narcotics. I was given 2 more doses of the Demerol within minuets of each other. Nothing. About this time Mark showed up and they decided to try a different drug. I got 4 doses of Dilaudid but I couldn’t tell you how quickly they were given to me. I know 2 of them were given back to back but I was heavily drugged so who knows. The nurse came in at one point and asked how I was still awake, said the amount of narcotics they gave me should have stopped my breathing not kept me awake in so much pain still. They had one more thing they could try and if it didn’t work they had no choice but to admit me. It was called the Migraine Cocktail and the only thing I remember that it contained is Benadryl. As you may guess that didn’t do anything either. I wanted to die. I was worried that possibly there could be a leak, because I do only have a mesh in that part of my head where I do not have skull, so I did get a CT scan that came back perfect. I ended up staying til Thursday afternoon. The dark room and the constant quiet, me just not moving, and the steady dose of percocet helped get the migraine to where it was tolerable.  The doctors were baffled in what caused it and why it wasnt going away. I knew at least half of that riddle.

I knew exactly what caused this particular migraine but we have to go back to Friday the 4th. Utah was hosting Florida in Gymnastics and my whole family was going including Mary Ann and Dad. It was Peyton’s first ever Utah event and Scott’s 2nd gymnastic meet. I wanted it to be a night to remember for them. Unfortunately we got to the Huntsman Center a little later than we wanted to and all the good front row GA seats were already taken. I did something really really stupid. I ran. Yes I ran, and not only did I run, I ran around the entire Huntsman Center trying to get my boys the best available seat. Blame it on the sports fanatic or even the Mom in me, I know I shouldnt have done it. Then after our seats were spoken for I walked some more. We had to get balloon animals! There brought us to the 3rd thing I did that I should never do, I stood. I stood in that damn Balloon Animal line for 3o minutes. That is 25 minutes longer than my body can take. But until you are a Mom trying to give your kids the best experiences you can don’t judge me. I would do it again in a heart beat, because my boys had a great time. Peyton sat there watching the meet and clapping the entire time. And those balloon animals well, it’s all part of the experience. Id do anything for my boys, even if it lands me in the hospital in indescribable pain.

This is not saying I didn’t learn something from last week. I did. I learned that even though I thought I accepted my limitations, I really havent. That gymnastic meet proved it. I would do it again for my boys but, I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t let the adenine affect my actions so much at a sporting event. My doctors are all in agreement that it is vital that I continue to go to the games, as many as I can, but I don’t have to act like a freak. I don’t know if I am capable of a toned down version of my fandom but I am going to have to try. Because my boys need their Mom home and not in the hospital.