After my hospitalization I was advised to visit with my doctors to update them and see if they had any new ideas. Some great things came out of these visits and I thought I would share a few of the highlights and as always I apologize for not writing sooner. One day I will get to a point where I can update this in a timely fashion.

The first visit was with my family doctor, Dr. Ken. His office had all the details of my hospital stay, including the drugs they administered, results of the CT and the attending Doctors notes. As you may recall the last time I had seen Dr. Ken he had advised me just to push through the pain and numbness and be active anyways because I was fat……okay so he never called me fat but that’s what I heard. He was singing a far different tune this visit. I think he finally realized what happens when I ignore my body’s signals of when to stop and how bad it can get. I don’t know if he just didn’t belive me before but now he does and we seem to be on the same page on physical activity. His concern this visit was more focused on getting me more specialized care. He comes off to me as having a control and ego issue. If he can’t fix me personally he has a tendency to pawn me off on someone who has a specialty. He doesn’t like being helpless. So I mentioned that there is a place in Colorado The Chiari Care Center that specializes in Chiari. We together decided that it would be a great idea to get an appointment there and just see what the doctors there have to say. It’s worth a drive and a few days. Besides they accept our insurance and I love road trips. Maybe I can combine it with a football trip how far apart are Boulder and Aurora? 😉

I also went to see my neurologist, well the PA Jerry, whom I have a great paitent-doctor relationship with. I wasnt scheduled to see them for another 6 months or so because they didn’t have any ideas or any way to fix me so I was just mainly updating them when necessary. Jerry and I talked and you can tell the way he listens that he just wishes there was something he can do. The only thing he could think of at the moment is perhaps adjusting my medication a bit. Some of it gives me some serious side effects, mainly day time tiredness but one even gives me nightmares. We took me off one that was doing absolutely nothing, upped the one that is working and lowered the dose on one that may not be doing anything either. Medication is so tricky sometimes. But we are scheduled to meet again in 10 weeks to see what has helped and see if there is something they have come up with. This is important to me. I like the security of having an actual neurologist I am seeing on a somewhat regular basis. My family doctor knows nothing about the drugs the neurologists prescribe or my condition.

In the midst of all this I was also due for my annual pap smear and exam. I had chosen for various reasons to switch from a obgyn to a certified Nurse Midwife with my second child and have never went back. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have been in the Midwife’s office that employs 6 or so (that I have met personally) CNM’s for a few reasons over the past years all have been female related problems. On this particular visit I was experiencing some cramping, that was later determined caused by my IUD and totally normal, but was given some medication to help stop it anyhow. I figured with my additional symptom on top of my exam Id be in and out in 20 minutes. Roberta was the CNM I was to be seeing and she wasnt satisfied with just talking about my cramping and performing the exam. She sat for over a  hour discussing everything that was going on with me medically and made sure that all avenues were being pursued. She gave me some referrals on acupuncture and suggested some extremely light yoga just to stretch out some of my body. Roberta also wanted to test me for a few things just to be certain, and made sure I knew that my Medicare will pay for massage as long as its medical massage. She went above and beyond anything I have seen ever, and that was just the appointment. Since then I have been called from her office once to get my test results (normal everything), she called me personally a couple of times last week and when I didn’t answer because it was a hectic week she called my Dad. Now I don’t know if that is really what an emergency contact is for but she was concerned enough to use it. After my Dad told me my doctor called I gave her office a call back and they told me “Roberta was just wondering if that medication for the cramping is working, and wondering how your feeling.”  I thought that would be the end of it but again today Roberta called me personally herself just to make sure I had talked to her nurses and she said she was going to double-check with the doctors on staff at their clinic about everything we had talked about and if we need to follow-up she would call me. Talk about thorough and a medical professional that cares. Not once in this whole time that I have been dealing with this crap have I had that kind of care. The only office that comes close is my surgeons, but you would expect the guys that just preformed brain surgery on you to call you back when you called. This is the way doctors should be. Why can’t they all care like this? Too many patients? Too greedy?