So if you have been reading for the past few months you may be aware of my limitations. What a drag right? Its been sort of a negative blog so far. I don’t mean for it to be negative, more like honest and eye-opening. But just to even things out a bit I thought I would give you a post that was devoid of even a hint of  pessimism. So here is the deal I’m going to start a list of things I can do. Obviously everything I would put on this list would have to have some sort of limitation on it, i.e. time allowed, distance or only if i do this first, but this isn’t about my limitations it’s about what I am able to do. You also may be able to read between the lines and realize what I can not do based on what I am not putting on the list but that is not what this is about either. It is important sometimes to remind ourself what we have, not what we don’t have. Everyone could have more, there is always things that we could really use, some of us don’t have things that we really think we need. How often though do you take a moment to look at all the things you do have? This is what this list is about. I am taking the time to remind myself that there are sooooo many things I can still do. Yep there is a lot I can’t, but lets just take a look at what I can do!

  1. Read. Books, Magazines, Articles. This is one of my favorite hobbies.
  2. Write. I mean I can take my thoughts and put them in some form for someone to read.
  3. Make a chocolate Mousse pie that would make you drool.
  4. Run the Washer and Dryer.
  5. Shower.
  6. Get to Rice-Eccles Stadium in 45 min flat from my house.  (may be breaking the law there but….)
  7. Listen to my favorite music.
  8. Program my DVR
  9. Make Gluten free birthday cake from scratch and make it taste better than any cake you have ever tasted.
  10. Write out checks, and Pay Dr. Bills. 😉
  11. Fold clothes/Hang them up
  12. Convert just about any dinner into gluten-free and cook it.
  13. Crudely Sew (I know that’s a stipulation but I didn’t want you to think I can really sew)
  14. Hug
  15. Sing totally off-key
  16. Play board games
  17. Speak my mind
  18. Comfort a child in need
  19. Tell a starting QB he needs a hair cut. (would that be under speak my mind or totally insane ideas?)
  20. Watch Sports live
  21. Listen
  22. Make my sister laugh.
  23. Watch tv/go to the movies
  24. Take my kids to the library
  25. Take Pictures/video of my boys so we don’t miss a moment
  26. Type without looking at my hands
  27. Go to a game/restaurant/ anywhere by myself
  28. Drive.
  29. Be a shoulder to cry on.
  30. Navigate the internet a little better than a novice level.
  31. Make adorable baby blankets
  32. Lay out in the sun.
  33. Put my own make up on, “do” my own hair and shave my legs. (seems simple I know)
  34. Kiss
  35. Hold hands
  36. Paint my toe nails
  37. Remember multiple Dr’s,Multiple drugs and their dosages and procedures at any given time.
  38. Can drink a regular (not Diet) Dr. Pepper without a shred of guilt.
  39. Be a mother.
  40. Can give 12 vials of blood without flinching.
  41. Go sight-seeing.
  42. Play in the Ocean
  43. Visit any stadium in the Pac 12 footprint
  44. Ride the kiddie rides at Lagoon, Disneyland whatever.
  45. Go camping
  46. Tailgate
  47. Teach my kids anything they need to know.
  48. Fish
  49. Eat anything I want. I have no dietary restrictions! (though I am a woman who can’t exercise…..)
  50. Get a massage.
  51. Draw with chalk on my driveway with my boys
  52. Feed the ducks
  53. Play fetch with my dog Biltz (He fetches…Just for the clarification lol )
  54. Sleep in til noon then take a nap at 2pm
  55. Beat Mark at Simpsons Trivia (he may dispute this one but I know the truth)


That is probably a good stopping point. I will be periodically adding to this list as I remember things that I can do.  Please friends and family, help me out with this list. I have been so down on myself for so long that maybe I don’t realize something I can do but you do see. If you want to add to this list leave it in the comment section or if you want it to be private you can always email it to me at  Feel free to use my email anytime you want to give me feedback you wish not to make public on the comment section.