You may have noticed, I hope you have at least that it has been over 2 weeks since my last post. I assure you I am working on one but the problem is my monkeys are out of school, have been for nearly 2 weeks now and I simply can’t write when they are home. Tie that in with the problems I have been having with my lap top and you get zero productivity. My writing process is kind of a silly one where as I can not have any distractions. I don’t like anyone home, I put headphones in and listen to music so I can not hear any outside noise. I have tried to write when others are around and the product is just sub par. So please be patient with me this summer. Also there will be no blog at all during my trip to NC, but I will be taking a journal I can jot down my thoughts and what a vacation is really like with Chiari that I will share when we return. That is it for now as I am posting this tiny blip from my blackberry. You will be hearing from me soon though.