Lets face it 2011 wasn’t the best year. My family had to overcome some serious hurdles this past year. Looking back, I still don’t know how we made it. Okay so that isn’t entirely true, we had more than a few people looking out for us, helping us get through. But still…… I mean come on how much can 1 little family go through in one year? We had TWO cars break down, countless health issues (and not only with me), and even our Utes seemed to take a hit this year. Enough looking back….. Sunday marks a new year, fresh start, and everything will be different. Right? I mean that is the whole concept of celebrating New Years, lets say good-bye to last year and welcome in the next with the highest of hopes. I wish it was that simple but it really isn’t.  The truth of the matter is when I wake up on Sunday morning nothing will have changed except my calendar. The medical concerns we were facing will still be waiting for us. Maybe that is why Mark thinks New Years Resolutions are silly. He has not once in the time we have been together made a resolution.  He says “I work on what I want to everyday, I don’t need a new year to do it.” Okay so he has a point but does anyone that has that attitude actually do anything throughout the year to better themselves?

I’m the opposite of Mark. I love New Years Resolutions. I like the idea of being able to always start over no matter what you have done, or been through. Yup you are still gonna have some of the same things following you, but to quote Taylor Swift’s Innocent -“Today is never too late to be brand new.” So sure it doesn’t have to be at the beginning of the year, you never do have to wait to better yourself, Mark is right.   However, I think that the goals part of the New Years Resolutions is only half of it. The other half, may just be why I love New Years so much. It is a time to look back one more time, and reflect. What went right this year? What could have I done better? Then, What can I do this year to try to have the very best year? We all run into things we cant control, but there is so much we can. How we respond, what steps do we take to protect ourselves from the unknown, and how we are going to treat each other and ourselves? So for the past week I have been doing this and I have come up with a few of my resolutions I would like to share. Keep in mind I have more than these, that quite frankly aren’t anyone’s business.

1. Like with most people the top of my list is Lose weight. No I don’t plan on going on some fad diet nor am I going to start cutting out all the foods that I love. Yes I am going to work on eating more of the foods Dr. Oro wants me to but, I already give up so much in my life, if I want a doughnut I’m gonna have one! I think it is silly when people start out the new year going on some diet that there is no way they could stick to. My plan to attain this goal is to simply watch (a little closer) what I am eating and slim down my portion sizes. It is hard for someone like me, with so many restrictions to start an exercise program but I can look for somewhere that will teach me a very light yoga routine, I can look for a place and try some water aerobics. These are two exercises that my doctors have suggested as very good alternatives for me since there is no way I will be using my treadmill anytime soon.

2. In 2011 I read a total of 79 books, my goal was 100. So again this year my goal is to Read 100 Books. This includes fiction and non. If you have any recommends please pass them on, just keep in mind I don’t particularly like Romance or fantasy. Also I would love for you to join me on Good Reads and watch my progress.

3. This next one, as with my last one, is a continuation of the success I have had in 2011. Don’t let other people’s bad attitudes affect me. There are friends of mine that are continually “sweating the small stuff” as my Dad would say. I do plan on blogging about this one in detail soon so I wont spoil it, but lets just say for resolution purposes, that I am going to continue on enjoying my life regardless of your opinion.

4. One I know I need a lot of work on is Writing More. Wow, how long has it been since I have posted? I don’t even want to look at the date from my last entry, it has been that long. Now I’m not going to promise I will get immediately back to posting once a week, nor am  I saying I will always doing my ‘writing more’ here. My goal is to write more often, whether that be in my journal, here in my blog or somewhere else. I love the way writing makes me feel, and I miss it horribly when I am not doing it on a regular basis.

5. The last one I care to share with y’all is to Cherish Every Waking Moment. I know that is kind of lofty goal but, it is something that every day I can work on. There is so much I have, so many blessings, that far too often I take for granted. This doesn’t mean I plan on being one of those annoying “Only Positive thinking” type, you know the type I’m talking about…… That just will never be me. I would like to remember everyday the things I do have, along with the things I don’t, just so that I can get the most out of my life. Loved ones can be taken in an instant, our lives can turn completely upside down without warning so might as well enjoy what you have while you can.

Like I said I have more that I am keeping private, and I probably will add more as 2012 goes on, and if you would like to share yours please do so. The important thing to remember is Today is Never too Late to Be Brand New.