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Yes friends I am still alive. I know you were all probably wondering. I sincerely apologize for leaving all my loyal readers, without so much of a hint of what was going on. Although I have been ready and wanting to come back for a month or so, it took an email from a reader to get me off my butt and do it already. Still waiting to hear where I have been for the past year? I was in Hell. Plain and simple. Worst year of my life. So lets get caught up shall we?

Last I left you I was having the Best Summer Vacation ever. And let me tell you, it was amazing. I promise (for real) I will post about all of our adventures really soon…. before we start the sequel. The world crashed in about mid summer.

First we found out our baby boy, okay so he was 5 at the time, had to have open heart surgery. This did not come as any surprise, he has needed it for a couple years but, it was actually happening this time. Peyton has what is called a Sub-Aortic Membrane. It isn’t rare or anything. Basically it is an extra membrane that hangs out right under the aorta valve. He has had it since he was an infant. It was never really a problem, just caused a loud murmur  When they first found it, the doctors told us that chances are they will never have to do anything. 1/3 of patients it stays the same size their whole lives (you could be walking around with one), it doesn’t affect the heart what-so ever. 1/3 of patients the membrane shrinks or gets absorbed. The last 1/3 of patients it grows so big it starts blocking blood flow.  It was our luck I guess that Peyton would be the latter. He had been monitored every year with Echos and EKGs, then it got to where it was getting bigger and was monitored every 6 months. By May, we could tell it was getting worse. He was slowing down, the murmur was super loud, and you could even feel it when he would cuddle.The entire summer, anytime he got a cold, anything, we had to rush him to his doctors office so they could check for heart failure. So they finally scheduled the surgery. It was the worst thing I have ever been through. Here my tiny little guy is getting OPEN HEART surgery, he had to go on a by pass machine, his heart stopped! I’m telling you right now, you never know how strong you are until you have to be. His surgery was on Sept. 6th, and believe it or not we had even been living in purgatory before that.

Peyton right after getting out of surgery.

Peyton right after getting out of surgery.

I wont get into all the specifics, because it is a very long story, and all the details don’t change a thing, but we lost our house to an illegal foreclosure. We were never late on a payment, we did nothing wrong, even got a lawyer involved but we couldn’t stop Wells Fargo from taking the house we have lived in for over 8 years. Yes our lawyer is helping us sue, yes we were able to find a wonderful house to rent just a block away, yes we will own again but we cant help but be a little pissed about the whole thing. So on top of planning our son’s open heart surgery, we were dealing with leaving the only home my boys had ever known, finding a place to live and moving. But wait there is more…..

Just when we were getting our bearings, just before Christmas, my husband was told he was getting laid off.  After 10 years working his ass off for this place they were pretty much shutting down. His entire department would be gone. Fortunately  since it was a mass lay off they were required to give the employees 90 days before the actual last day of work. We were so blessed my husband found a job so quick, he was not out of work for even a day. Yup, I’m not done yet.

Since last March, I have been dealing with a bad ankle. Took awhile to figure out what exactly was going on, and a few conservative treatments, but I ended up having to have surgery. Yes another surgery, I’m sure our insurance just loves us. I am now 5 weeks post op, of a cyst scope/graft and a lateral ligament repair.  It hasn’t been fun. Hurts way more than I expected and if any of you Chiarians have had to use crutches before….. wow, it is hard on my already screwed up body. I have a long recovery ahead of me, but things are looking good, so says my Physical Therapist.

Oh and my parents got a divorce. Well my Dad and step mom.

That is pretty much it. There have been little things here and there but, can’t really ‘sweat the small stuff’ with all that going on. It has been quite the year. All those hardships, but with them came some amazing moments. For example, Peyton was able to get a very special visit while in the hospital that will forever be in our hearts.  My two young sons learned a very valuable lesson about adversity. We got paid a full 10 weeks in severance, that we didn’t even need to use. I do really try to see the positive in things, at times it is easier than others.

Now we are caught up. Again, I am sorry I was gone so long, and I am sorry this post was so full of negative junk. Let’s meet here again soon.